P. Caproni's Seminary Papers

DISCLAIMER: These reflections below are some of my papers written during my Master's program at CTS. They might not reflect my current views on particular topics.

Some include names of professors of the classes for which papers were submitted, but they DO NOT express the thought of professors involved in grading them, nor do they include the grades or comments made by my professors on the content of my work.

Any and all mistakes or opinions expressed in the papers below are solely my own.

Some of my own views may have changed after writing these papers, and I do not declare them to be the fruit of extensive research, or without error. They're a partial testament of my questions, explorations and thought process/progression during my M.Div. , and an invitation to readers:
let us talk/discuss these themes together. Feel free to email me at: prcaproni@gmail.com

Skepticon Handout and Outline - Paulo Caproni - Workshop
Independent Study on New Testament Exegesis and Theology - Paulo Caproni - Romans 9.19-21 - God's Sovereignty and Moral Responsibility - Parts I II and III - Full Text
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Paulo Caproni - Sabbath Keeping Then and Now - A Study on Numbers 15.27-36
A Hard Lesson on Rest - Paulo Caproni Numbers 15:29-36 - FULL SERMON TRANSCRIPT
Paulo Caproni - Minority Scholars Paper Presentation - Christ Scripture and the Foundations of Public Ethics and Sabbath Case Study